Identifying Potential Partners

The UK’s leading consultancy and cap intro platform providing unrivalled access to family offices and private clients

About Us

Cap Connect is an independent consultancy which connects businesses across mainstream and alternative asset classes with Family Offices, Private Clients, Wealth Managers and Institutional Investors. We offer access to a unique and diverse investor base through an experienced team with varied backgrounds in investment management, capital markets, business development and investor relations.

What We Do

Thematic Investment Meetings
Tailored Private Events
Strategic Corporate Access
Focused Networking Opportunities
Family Office Advisory/Consultancy


Asset Managers
Listed Companies
Private Companies
Government Bodies

Asset Classes

Private Equity
Venture Capital
Real Estate


Family Offices
Private Clients
Wealth Managers
Institutional Investors


Middle East

The Cap Connect Difference

Cap Connect Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

We Understand Investors

We engage with an extensive network of investors, determining investment preferences and key asset allocations, and building long-term relationships


with leading family offices in the UK and Middle East


key trends and investment preferences among our investors


investors rigorously to ensure mandate suitability and match

We Work to Understand Your Needs

We work with you to understand your business goals and then deliver the right introductions to achieve them


and pre-screen investors to ensure relevance


investment mandates to determine compatibility and fit

Strategically Position

sponsors to maximise impact with our investor network

Focus on Quality

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